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Hair Cuts

Each strand is selected and cut with the Prime Touch to give you a unique look. Hairstyles have the most power to put you in the spotlight at an event. Our cuts are natural precision, and our work is motivated by your desire. Conditioning and stirring up your strands to the max for an exclusive version of you with your new haircut

Hair Colouring & Highlights

Dive into the ocean of colours. We offer various types of services, such as root touchup, global colouring, streaks, and creative colouring. Our stylists can add colour to your life; they hold the superpower of transforming you with our special streaks, which are ammonia-free. Get recommended by our experts regarding the colour that suits your face shape, and appearance.

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Best Hair spa in salem

Hair Spa

When it comes to rituals, a hair spa tops the list. Each strand deserves to get its spa done. If you are reading this, then you have landed at the right place where you can get the best-class spa treatment for your hair. We gently smooch your tresses and scalp to rejuvenate them from external factors affecting the health of your hair. Hair spas aid in exfoliation as well as stimulating and promoting hair growth.

Hair Straightening

Straight, smooth, and silky hair always steals the show. In such cases, get your straightening done with us in a healthy manner. Getting your hair straightened isn't a thing, but getting it straight without damage is. We guarantee that we will give you a smooth and glossy look that is completely damage-free. We use well-known products such as Wella, Schwarzkopf, and L'Oreal that are free of all harmful elements.

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Best keratin salon in salem


A Brazillian blowout therapy that enhances the softness and Straightness of your hair. Restoring the lost keratin in your hair results in strengthening your hair, and less prone to breakage. In short, Keratin results in Thicker and Stronger hair.