Skin Treatments

Skin whitening & Dull Skin Treatments

No more Dark spots and other signs of skin ageing. Most Advanced skin whitening treatments as per your skin type and texture. Clearer and smoother skin with Magnum’s skin treatments, There are no other alternatives to clear all your skin-related problems. A Brighter and Healthier glow you dreamt of, is here at Magnum.

Acne Treatment

Are Pimples, Acne and Dark spots have been your stubborn enemy? Specialists at Magnum can clear all sorts of your problems related to skin. With the advancement of technology might help you to get your skin back again to its natural state.

Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair that degrades your skin. Remove hair at ease now. Non-invasive laser treatment will give you smooth skin by removing permanently. Painless hair removal has resided at Magnum with all its advanced technology.

Hair Treatments

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

At Magnum, Scalp Micropigmentation is taken care with leading experts who fill your pigments to restore the look that gives you a fuller and denser look. There is no fear of damaging your existing hair. It is non-invasive and gives an immediate result to hide your hair loss.

PRP Pro +

Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment where the plasma is injected to heal the areas that are affected and repair damaged cells. It fills up the areas where density is low and reverses hair fall. Also helps in treating your existing hair by strengthening and thickening it.

Meso therapy

Meso therapy is a treatment that helps to treat Alopecia. Which is the most common cause of Adult hair fall. Eradicates future hair fall too and boosts your scalp. Has high rate of success, non-invasive and increases hair volume.

Oxygen Laser Therapy

OLT is known as Oxygen Laser Therapy. It involves looking over the scalp to identify the invasion of dandruff in your scalp and also a low-level laser is being used to improve blood circulation. Where it stimulates the blood flow that results in controlling hair loss.  In short, this OLT improves blood flow and nutrition levels in the targeted areas. Maintains the pH level of your scalp.

Permanent Make-up

Micro blading

Say Hi to your Brows. Get perfect brows that define your confidence. It’s always a desire for a woman to have her brows perfect and fuller. Here is your ray of hope, Microblading. where the pigments are filled to give you a natural and denser look.

Eyelash lift and extension

Not just an eyelash lift, it is also an elevator of your look, where it is rolled up and lifted for a better look. If there is sparse growth, lash extensions can lift up the length and density of your lashes, It gives immediate results with a non-invasive method.

Lip Micropigmentation

Rosy Lips for the attractive selfies. Do you have dark, pigmented and lipline issues? No more worries. We at Magnum, sort out your issues with Lip Micropigmentation. Mild invasion is to be taken up for the desired lip colour. It results in a natural finish, instant results and an attractive shade.